NOTE FROM MATT BURNS: the following scripts/stories may include some strong language (i.e. some swearing and sexual stuff). But nothing is gratuitous, meaning the language is used with the purpose of expressing truth.


The State of Mind (2012 short story)

A short piece of fiction that captures the state of mind a man is in before he has decided to commit suicide. (Drama. WARNING: extremely graphic/sexual content):

The State of Mind

The Serial Dumper (2011 short story)

A neurotically insecure man is determined to hide his seemingly-pathetic identity from his new date. (Comedy)

The Serial Dumper

Life Has a Way (2011 short story)

Set in fabulous Las Vegas, this is a dark tale that gets inside the mind of a man who has decided to become a murderer. (Drama)

Life Has a Way

Adam's Novena: A Prayer for the Sexually Frustrated (2011 short story)

A novena for the sexually frustrated. (Dark Comedy. WARNING: Graphic language/content)

Adam's Novena

We're Good (2011 short story)

A glimpse of what goes on in the male mind after a casual hook-up. (Dark Comedy. WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

We're Good

The Videographer (2010 short story)

A wedding videographer struggles to shoot a wedding while inwardly pondering what went wrong between him and his ex-girlfriend. (Drama)

The Videographer

Burning Sensations (2009 short story)

A comedic story about one man's awkward visit to the doctor to be tested for STD's. (Comedy/Drama)

Burning Sensations

The Workshop (2008 short screenplay)

A group of amateur writers meet at the local cafe and use their writers workshop as an excuse to exorcise some very dark, personal secrets. (Dark Comedy. WARNING: Extremely Graphic language)

The Workshop

Pure Sextacy (2008 short screenplay)

The "morning after" sends a man's mind into hyper-overdrive, fearing that the sex may not have been the safest it could have been. This script was produced as a short film in 2012 entitled "We're Good". Go to the "Films and Videos" section of the website to view it. (Dark Comedy)

Pure Sextacy

So Sorry (2007 short screenplay)

A comedy about a man who nearly has a mental breakdown trying to come up with the 'right' thing to say to a family of mourners at a wake. This script was turned into a short film in 2012. View it in the "Films and Videos" section of this website. (Comedy)

So Sorry

Waiting (2005 short screenplay)

A screenwriter nearly goes insane waiting, and waiting...and the phone, hoping that a literary agent calls him back with a positive reaction to his screenplay. (Comedy)


Great Little Drug (2005 short screenplay)

A healthy patient gradually gets sicker and sicker and eventually dies from an accumulation of harmful drug side effects. A satire of conventional medicine and the drug industry. (Comedy)

Great Little Drug

Conception (2004 short screenplay)

A newlywed couple make their first baby in real-time, making sure their sex is very clean so as to eliminate 'original sin', making their child a product of love, not lust. But is love something completely separate from lust? Or are the boundaries between the two unclear? (Comedy)


The Second Beast (2004 short screenplay)

An obsessive decoder of the Book of Revelation is convinced that his best friend is the second beast of the apocalypse and must be killed in order to save mankind. This is the original screenplay I wrote in 2004. It was made into a student film that same year (see films and videos section of this website to view the film). (Drama)

The Second Beast

Sympathy for Hitler's Soul (2004 short screenplay)

Hitler's soul goes up to heaven (after Hitler commits suicide in the bunker) and complains to God for putting it into such an evil body during its time on earth. This script was turned into a short student film in the winter of 2004. Go to the "Films and Videos" section of the website to view it. (Dark Comedy/Drama)

Sympathy for Hitler's Soul

Bruce Lee's Cousin (2003 short screenplay)

The eighth cousin of Bruce Lee plots a mysterious death for himself in order to become as well-known as the other Lees. This is one of my early short screenplays that I wrote the summer between my junior and senior years at Boston University. (Dark Comedy)

Bruce Lee's Cousin

Man with a Video Camera (2003 short screenplay)

A monster terrorizes a peaceful suburban neighborhood with his video camera, creating drama and violence for the sole sake of having something good to videotape. This is an early short screenplay I wrote in 2003, right after my junior year at Boston University. It placed as a semi-finalist in the International "Anything But Hollywood" short screenplay contest. (Dark Comedy)

Man with a Video Camera

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