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Matt Burns charges about $1,000 for his hi-definition wedding videos (which range between 90-120min in length). The exact price depends on how good the video turns out (like if there are technical difficulties) and also whether the given party wants him to video pre-wedding activities (such as rehearsal/dinner).

Wedding videography for Matt Burns Productions consists of the following (Please note that all weddings are different and provide different challenges/limitations, depending on locations and the church’s rules. Some of what appears below may not be possible to include):

1. Before Ceremony - shots of bride/maids getting ready at house beforehand. Capturing the energy and emotions as the hour arrives.

2. Ceremony - edited to include guests entering the church, processions, readings, sermon, exchange of vows, and Communion (the people coming up for Communion, if possible) and exits (i.e. we now pronounce you husband and wife ).

3. Receiving Line (if there is one) - usually a montage with music but also some parts without music so that the actual greetings and conversation can be heard between the newley-wed couple and wedding guests.

4. Reception - interviews of people at tables or at lounge during cocktail hour (where guests will express their congratulations and share their words of wisdom), wedding party entrances, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance etc.). best man/maid of honor speeches, cutting the cake, garter belt/bouquet toss, dancing.

***Matt Burns Productions (depending on availability) is also willing to videotape the wedding rehearsal/dinner, but this would bring the total price closer to $1200.

The finished product is a fully edited, high-quality DVD that runs about 90-120min in length.


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