Democracy When Convenient

In an interview scheduled to air on 60 Minutes tonight Bush says that despite all his critics and all the opposition he is experiencing in sending more troops to Iraq, he's still going to do it anyway. As Dick Cheney reminded people, the president is 'chief', and he has the final say.

So we're sending more troops into Iraq to fight for 'democracy' while the majority of representatives in Congress (both Democrats and several Republicans), not to mention a huge number of Americans, are telling Bush that what he's doing isn't right and that he shouldn't be sending more troops (at least not yet). And what does he do? Totally ignore everyone and send the troops anyway? That's a democracy???

Personally I really don't know what the hell the right thing to do is. Send troops. Don't send troops. Support Bush. Don't support Bush. Leave the toliet seat up. Put it down. But I don't think ignoring popular opinion is the right thing to do. The people are speaking. Congress is speaking. Even several Republicans are speaking. And the Bush administration is basically saying, "it's my party and I'll do what I want to." That's the kind of democracy we're bringing to Iraq? There's something wrong with that.

Also, on a different but related note, I was recently reading an article about that female sergeant who posed naked in Playboy and she said something very interesting in defense of her actions:

"I've been serving for 13 years, fighting for everyone's rights. Why wouldn't I be able to stand up for my own rights and participate in the freedoms that make this country what it is?"

I think she's absolutely right. She fights for freedom so why shouldn't she use ever ounce of it? It's almost like the military (who has since dimissed the sergeant from duty) and the government and even the American people forget what the hell we're fighting for. Freedom is like some sort of abstract ideal that we say we want but at the same time fear and, in many cases, loath. I simply think we need to first understand what freedom really is before we go into other countries and start 'liberating' them.

Oh, and fyi...I picked up that issue of Playboy and boy does that sergeant look amazing naked! Bodacious breasts!


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