Saddam's Execution

Is anyone else as disturbed as I am over the execution? I don't know why, but I feel really bad for the guy. I almost feel like going to Iraq and rescuing him. Not because I think he's innocent or anything like that. I guess it's probably true that Saddam's responsible for the deaths of millions of Iraqis (though this figure is likely to be somewhat distorted by wartime propaganda). But I still feel bad for him.

There is no such thing as a bad man. There is only such thing as a politician. Saddam simply did what he had to do to preserve his power. He killed the people he killed to create a culture of fear, so that people would be too afraid to challenge or even question his authority. This practice is no different from what the Bush administration does. Sure, Bush and his administration don't overtly kill people (though they are indirectly responsible for the deaths of far more people than Saddam is). But they do scare us in a similar way.

Go back to the 2004 presidential election. Remember how there were so many "high alert" terrorist warnings leading up to the election in November? There was probably about one a week. But since Bush's reelection there haven't hardly been any - in, fact I can't recall there being a single one. And this isn't because Bush has done his job and protected us against the terrorists. This is because there was never a threat to begin with. Sure there was always a 'threat' but there was never any more of a threat then than there is now. Bush was simply just trying to scare us into electing him: "Elect me or the terrorists are gonna get ya!" And now that there are no more high alerts there is the illusion that he's done his job. Not true.

My point is that Bush is no less criminal than Saddam. Or, to put it another way, he is just as much an "enemy of freedom" as Saddam is. Certainly Bush comes off as being the better of the two, because he isn't overtly killing anybody. But the way in which he scares the nation paralyzes us - and, in turn, suppresses our freedom - to such an extent that we might as well be dead. And I'm not really exaggerating there.

So if Saddam is going to be hanged by Saturday, Bush might as well be right up there with him. But I don't believe anybody should be hanged. What ever happened to forgiveness and compassion for 'sinners'? Today everybody is waging holy war in the name of God (in Iraq, Israel, Iran etc.), but all this killing (especially execution) couldn't be further away from God's will.

Jesus constantly preached forgiveness. If you read the Bible, he stresses it over and over again. So why is this world relentlessy persecuting people for their mistakes (think simpler "slip-ups" like John Kerry's and Michael Richards')? It's blatantly hypocritical. Bush prides himself to be a born-again Christian. Does he really think executing Hussein is the Christian thing to do?

I guess I might feel differently if one of my family members was a victim of Hussein's tyranny, but I still don't think I would feel that killing him would be justified or that the execution has to be conducted out of "respect for human rights," as the Iraqi Prime Minister put it after saying that those who opposed the execution were insulting the honor of those who died under Saddam's rule.

Although I would be angry, all I could really do is come to the realization that politics is a doomed enterprise. Whether you're part of the "free world" or the so-called "axis of evil" there is no way to be a ruler without being an evil dictator.


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