Land of Opportunity

I don't know where we get off thinking that our ways are the ideal and that God wants us to spread these ways all over the globe, especially in places where "tyranny" reigns, as Bush puts it in his speeches, 'tyranny' basically meaning any way of life that is non-capitalist. We can't just mind our business. We have very busy hands.


Of course, there are a lot of third-world countries who need our help, but if you actually hold a microscope up to the situation, we're the reason why they need our help to begin with. I mean, why are Guatemala and parts of Brazil and Honduras and all those places so poor? Because we totally drain them of all their capable laborers and economic resources. We open the door to these people and say, "Hey, if you want in, there's a lot of money to be made, but you gotta work all our crappy jobs," which works out great for us because that allows us to work the better jobs, but it totally drains the economies of the nations we're getting these laborers FROM. I don't understand why we even start the Peace Core and all these other humanitarian efforts when the key to helping the third world nations (i.e. addressing the poverty and all the problems that stem from the poverty) is by simply NOT taking their laborers and resources away from them. Oh, wait, maybe it's because we want to fool ourselves into thinking that we're really out to help the third world, not exploit it.


But I don't want to make us Americans out to be the only bad guys here. The people in these third-world nations are also to blame, because the only reason they come here (or take jobs in sweatshops on their own soil) is because America pays much better - the economy is better, though much of that is an illusion anyway, because there's more money to be made but things cost more.


The bottom line is that the third world citizens are too willing to abandon their nations (as well as their indigenous ideologies) because they worship money just as much as the majority of Americans do. Don't get me wrong: surely there are many people who basically have no choice to go to America out of financial desperation, but my point is that this is a complicated situation where everyone is too blame, not just Americans. We tempt them to come here - promising wealth and prosperity - they fall prey to our temptations, their economy gets weaker in consequence, our economy grows, their economy gets to a point where it's basically impossible to make a living within then EVERYBODY (even those who love their country more than money) NEEDS to come to America or work in sweatshops. What a horrible vicious cycle! And then we start to feel guilty so we start things like the Peace Core and other efforts in that vain.


Now, I'm speaking in generalizations here, but you can get the gist of what I'm saying. I think that we're very aware of these problems (at least on a subconscious level), but we also know we have something extremely important to lose in solving these problems: money. And nobody in any position of power wants to be the ass who suggests that the only way to address world poverty is for Americans to adopt a more cost IN-effective lifestyle. No politician will EVER suggest that. They'll lose votes!


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