Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Our government figures that if we get help from Cuba (a communist country) then that means we're communist. It would be like a bunch of kkk members getting help from black doctors, or a bunch of homophobes getting help from gay doctors. It goes against everything they believe/stand for. I don't know if you've seen DR. STRANGELOVE, but letting those doctors into our nation would be a "threat to our precious bodily fluids," to quote Jack the Ripper.


There's still a ton of paranoia in our nation left over from the Red Scare during the Cold War, especially within the political administrations. Nobody in a position of power within the political bureaucracy will ever want to accept any help from Cuba because it's too much of a political risk. If they welcome the help, then they're anti-American...so they think. It's ridiculous, and I guess it shows how absurd politicians are. They have to carry on like a bunch of wusses all the time, being so careful about every move they make, even if the well-being of the people they lead is at stake.


But that's only one side of the spectrum. Another way to look at the situation is from the perspective that Castro, another politician operating from a similar mindset as the one our leaders operate from, KNOWS that when he offers aid, America won't accept it, which only helps to polish his image, make him look like the "adult" and America like the childish asshole. It's impossible to tell whether this is actually what's driving Castro, but it's something to keep in mind, as politicians always have image and approval ratings and votes underlying all moves. And now that we basically fell for the trap, the Cubans - not to mention much of the American public and other people around the world - probably love Castro and think he's such a wonderful guy compared to Bush right now. His approval ratings will probably skyrocket!


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