Drifting on Route 66

I’ve spent my life on Route 66
My family rode up and down it every summer
And then I grew up and wrote my first book about it
And then I wrote three more books
Then, I hosted a TV documentary about it
And, after that, a five-disc DVD box set
I lived and breathed Route 66

Route 66…
It’s always been a road about getting somewhere
And I think that’s why I’ve always been drawn to it
I’ve always wanted to get somewhere
Better than here
But I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten there
Every time I go from Chicago to LA
I think I’m going to find it
But then I don’t 
So I try again
And again

I’ve been drifting up and down 66 my whole life
Chasing some evasive carrot
Like Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail
But I still haven’t gotten the carrot
And I’m not sure I ever will
And I’m not sure I even know what it is
It’s just something to chase
Something to keep me going
And giving me an excuse to live

Even when I die
My ghost will probably still wander 66
Looking for that abstraction
The carrot
And I won’t be alone
There will be other ghosts
Just as there are right now
The ghosts of millions of Americans


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