Boston Strong is the New Oi Oi

It’s just after dark on Sunday
I’m pretty buzzed
I’m walking down Lansdowne Street
No Red Sox game today
Pretty quiet
But that’s not why it sucks
Let’s face it
There’s a House of Blues
A couple of sports bars
And a place called “Tequila Rain”
Which is a frequent hangout for the newly 21-year-olds
And also a magnet for the young professionals
Maybe they just got their first “real” job
And they have a little extra money
So they want to get drunk and laid
And then add all the Boston Strong bullshit into it
All of a sudden Boston’s cool because there was a terrorist attack here
So the city has attracted all the band-wagoners
The Boston Strongers

Ten years ago was much different on this street
There were dark
Like Axis
Karma Club…
And there were punk shows
Every night
Well, not every night
But pretty often

I don’t like to be one of those old folks
Those people who say ‘when I was young’!
But seriously
What happened to the punk?
Is Boston Strong the new oi oi oi?!

What happened to all the talk about them taking away our social security
And the 21st century digital toy talk
And the ‘our stage is your stage’ talk
And we are the children of the revolution
What are we waiting for?
Let’s change things
Oi Oi

I’m not being facetious
I miss that music
And I miss that attitude
But punk rock is nothing but a ghostly energy lingering on Lansdowne
The Oi Oi Oi’s have been replaced by BOSTON STRONG’S!
They don’t even know what they’re chanting
They’re just shouting BOSTON STRONG
But it was a slogan born out of a PR machine, not a free-thinker
Empty of any true meaning
And lacking any power to change one

Boston Strong
An empty slogan
That sounds cool
And it sounds like it means something
But it’s just words

Then again, so wasn’t Oi Oi Oi
Just words
And who really knew what it meant?

Maybe the punk scene was no different from the Boston Strong scene
Just a big show with Mohawks, spiked jackets and Oi Oi’s
The spiked jackets are gone but BOSTON STRONG T-shirts have replaced them
Stand together
Stand as one
Stand united

Maybe all that has changed is the slogan and the uniform
But beneath it all
The bullshit has remained the same


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