Kneeling in Church

It’s Saturday morning Mass
Memorial Mass for family members
There aren’t many people in the church
The priest reads passages that I try to pay attention to
But they don’t resonate with me
They’re not saying much
Just about Jesus saving Israelites
Or is it Moses?
Not sure

One thing I do like, though, is when the priest pauses a bit
For meditation
And the whole church is silent
I haven’t felt such a peaceful energy in a while
The church is small, bright, white…
And it embodies such a peaceful vibe
So tranquil
And you can hear the morning birds chirping outside
If there ever was a time I felt connected to a God
That time is probably now
I just want it to remain silent
And listen to Him speak

But then I guess the priest says we’re supposed to kneel
So I figure, When in Rome, I should do what everybody else does
I kneel
But the kneelers are so uncomfortable
They don’t have much cushion
And the wood digs into the bones of my knees

Kneeling in itself is uncomfortable for me
But then add the lack of cushioning
And it’s more uncomfortable 

The discomfort is a distraction
It gets in the way of me feeling God
And listening to God

I realize at that moment
That the kneelers are the devil
A pesky obstruction
Having no good purpose
Other than to get in the way of me
And God
And my clear communication with Him

The devil hath cunningly tricked us
Into thinking kneeling brings us closer to God
But the opposite is true…for me, anyway

In this moment
Kneeling brings me much further away from God


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