We Are All 'The One'

I enjoy watching the Hollywood movies
The movies have characters
These characters are often underdogs
Christ-like figures
Established to be destined for great things
Sometimes they’re even called “The One”
Like Neo from The Matrix
Or Jake from Avatar
Luke Skywalker
John Connor
Bilbo Baggins
Harry Potter

These characters are special
And I feel these movies are speaking to me, the viewer
They’re making me feel like I’m special
Like I’m destined for great things
Sometimes I even feel like I’m ‘The One’
And the rest of the people in the world
Are just supporting characters

But then I realize these movies are made for the masses
And there are millions of other viewers out there
Having the same one-on-one personal experience
They’re all sitting
Watching the movie
And feeling like they’re being spoken to
And they’re thinking the same thing I am
That they’re special
That they’re “The One”

Hollywood makes us all feel like we’re special
That there is me
And then there are the supporting characters
And me is more important than others
And the world revolves around me
In short
Hollywood has created a society of narcissists

Hollywood has blinded us from our interconnectedness
That we’re all of equal importance
That all our actions combined collectively create importance
That no one of us is “The One”
But, rather, we are all THE ONE


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