Bang Your Head Against Your Own Stone

The celebrity says the bad word
It insults a group of minorities
Bloggers are abuzz about it
I read all the blogs on the Internet
I actually get all caught up in it, like a spell
I throw my stones at the celebrity, just like everybody else
You horrible person, you!
How could you?!
Shame on you!
But then I snap out of it pretty quickly
And I realize I’ve uttered the same word he uttered
On several occasions
Especially when I’ve been angry
And the celebrity was also angry when he said it
So how are we any different?

I realize I shouldn’t have thrown any stones
Only he who is without sin should throw the stones
And we are all with sin

In Hollywood
There is a witch-hunt for the politically-incorrect celebrity
“Who’s going to be the next one to say something offensive?”
It’s a big hunt
A big hunt for the offensive one
So bloggers can write blogs about it
And get a ton of hits
And charge more for advertisements
They aren’t even offended by any of it
They just pretend to be
And convince others that THEY should be offended
They enjoy masturbating to the sight of a celebrity with his guard down
It translates into dollars
It’s money to them

And the proper protocol for the celebrity is to go into damage-control mode
Apologize and say it was disgusting behavior
But if I were a celebrity I would just say 
Fuck off
I was angry
And when you’re angry you say shit you don’t mean
If you’re without sin, throw some fucking stones at me
But otherwise stop pointing fingers my way
And saying ‘shame on you’
Because this is nothing but exploitation
Shaming a man who’s angry and saying shit he doesn’t mean
When you all say shit you don’t mean when you’re angry
It’s human nature
You’re just not in the spotlight when it happens
Hardly anybody notices when you run your mouth
Maybe one or two people notice
But it doesn’t get blogged about
And it doesn’t become a trending topic on Facebook

Exploiting a man who is angry 
And running his mouth
A natural act that we all do…
That’s the worse sin
So do me a favor
And bang your head against your own stone


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