The World May Be OK

Sometimes you wonder about the world
And there’s just thing after thing
After thing after thing
That makes you say we’re all screwed
The world seems so doomed
But when I walk down the street near my house, with my dog
I don’t see much doom and gloom
It all looks OK to me

My entire dark outlook on the world
Has come from TV and the news
It’s the news that paints such a dark depiction

If it was hundreds of years ago
I guess the world could be the same it is today
But there wouldn’t be any news
So I would walk down the street
See the trees blooming in the breeze
And the blue skies with puffy white clouds
And all would be well
The world would be just fine
And that would be the only world I knew

The only difference today
Is the news

Maybe the news is a form of psychological warfare
It exists to make us think the world is doomed
And we fear and loathe
And we get depressed
And we despair
And we get debilitated or even paralyzed
And we don’t do all that much
Because what’s the point?
And then we’re easier to control
And we’re easier to be turned into consumers
More easily turned into human resources

“Yeah, the world’s doomed
So just watch your reality TV
And talent shows
And football games 
Rot your brain
Because if you actually do something
It’s not going to be worth anything anyway”

I guess the wars are out there somewhere
And I guess so aren’t the murders and rapes
And the child molesters
And the thieves
The corrupt politicians
And the bad storms
And all the other indications of the

But when I walk down the street 
All is just fine
And that’s my reality
The reality portrayed in the news is constructed
Weaving separate threads of negativity together
To create one quilt of negative reality
But that reality is really just a construction
Not an actual reality

If you remove yourself from the news
And take a walk down your street
Really, the world is kind of OK


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