Military Flyover

I am at the football game
And they’re singing the national anthem
And they have invited some troops
And they’re waving American flags
And there is a flyover
And the insinuation is this is America to them
This is what being American’s all about to them

The flyovers are free
Paid by taxpayers
It’s considered good public relations
More cost-effective than a corny commercial on TV

Tomorrow I am releasing my first book of poems
To me it’s a big deal
It’s what America is to me
Being able to write freely
Express myself freely
And put my work out into the world

I call the military public relations department
I invite some troops to come out for the book release
And then I ask for a flyover
They hang up
They think it’s a prank call

The troops don’t show up
All I can do is wave the American flags
Which I proudly do
Because this is my America
This is what America is to me


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