Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason
That’s what they say
And that’s what I decided to believe
Until now
Because I’ve been passive
And I want to be active
And make something NOT happen for a reason
Does that make me malicious
Does that rebel against God’s order???

I want to create the event
The event that may or may not be meant to be
Rather than be the passive participant in the event

I am in control
I’m going to make things happen
I’m going to play God
And be active
And stop allowing the shit to just fall on my shoulders in heaps
Like some passive pussy

I’m God, bitch!
I’m making shit happen for no reason
Or maybe for some reason
But a reason I’ve created myself
Because I am active
And I am free
And I can make shit happen

Everything happens for a reason…
That’s passive pussy humbug


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