The Death of Reality

Reality doesn’t get many hits
Reality doesn’t get many clicks
Reality doesn’t trend
Reality doesn’t make people hit send

Reality doesn’t attract traffic
Reality doesn’t make good graphic
Reality doesn’t fill ad space
Reality doesn’t get many likes on FaceySpace

Reality doesn’t sell
Reality doesn’t compel
Reality doesn’t go viral
Oh, my friends, this is a downward spiral

Reality doesn’t get shared
Reality doesn’t compare
To simplicity
Black and white unreality
That oversimplified article
Or Blog
That outrages people
And polarizes people

“I want to be outraged
I want to be elated
I want that quick emotion
I don’t want anything
That will make me think
Reality’s too complicated
It neither makes me angry
Nor really happy
And I don’t want
To deal with complexity”

Packaging reality into something that sells
Is like packaging a poem that rhymes really well

Doomed is the world
When reality
Is forever marginalized
And I don’t see it leaving the margins
In any near future


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