A Glimpse Inside the Head of the Murderer Who's Behind Bars

Please allow me to introduce myself
I am a murderer, I suppose
Though I don’t like that name

I killed a man, that is true
But you have to realize where I was coming from

This man fucked me
He did the worst that a friend could do to somebody
He was jealous of me
Insecure about his own life
So he wanted to put me down
Raise himself up a few bars
Make me look like a fool
Give me the short end of the stick in life
So he’d have the long stick
And appear cooler, more successful, happier and better…

Now I could have just let it go
But why should I let it go?
Why should I live in a world where he is now above me?
Where I look like a fool
And he looks like the cool

Now who’s the fool, you fuck!

Yes, I am in prison now
Life with no parole
But it’s so worth it
Oh what power you feel when you have the ability
To make another person’s life such living hell

Here were my choices:
Let him go on with his life
Happy and well
Or let his life become
A fucking living hell

I chose the latter
I killed his wife and kids
Put him in a world of hell
For the rest of his life

Everything he was living for
Everything that made his life good and successful
Taken away from him in a snap
Was that all worth it to fuck me?
To make me look like a fool?
Now who has the upper hand
You little fuck

Much joy I will experience behind these bars
Knowing that the joy in your life
Was cut short
And will never return
Nothing but joyless days for you ahead
And then you will die
And that will be that
A miserable life
With a potentially joyous life lost

Mull that over in your head
You little fuck


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