She Rebuilt Me

She reminds me that I have a heart
She draws attention to it
She brings me back to where I was
Many, many years ago
The lover
The romantic
It was the person I was
Before a series of rejections
Crushed me
Broke my heart

And in my broken state
I went down a road
Of drinking, womanizing, empty sex, empty love
Using women to fill my void, futile as it was
Breaking other hearts
Because it made me feel in control
More powerful
And less insecure
But I felt like a jerk in the process
A terrible being
Lost in darkness
Fallen from grace

But then this new girl came into the picture
An angelic godsend
Why I deserved her, I do not know why…
But she gathered up the pieces
Put my heart back together
And rebuilt the loving person
I used to be


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