Breaking Free from the Pyramid

There’s a big 
On working hard
Busting your ass
Winning bread
Putting food on the table

I never subscribed to this

There’s a difference between work
And making money
I try to do the former
While doing the bear minimum of the latter

I will be a human being
Not a human resource
Not a block in the base of the pyramid
Bearing all the weight
So that the small, upper tip
Feels comfortable and thrives

I will work for my own benefit and others I care about
Not the benefit of the corporation
And I won’t be fooled into thinking hard work
Only comes in the form of making money
Money that will support that false god named ECONOMY

“You are good if you are doing good for the economy”
What a bogus notion
I am doing good if I am doing good for myself and other human beings
Yes, good for human beings
And not the false deities who we all know as CORPORATION and ECONOMY


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