The Sergeant Barking in my Face

October 2013...

Benghazi scandal
IRS scandal
NSA scandal
Detroit Bankrupt
Syria’s got chemical weapons
Miley Cyrus breakdown
Lone gunman in DC
Mall shooting in Kenya
The “White Widow”
Government shutdown

Every day something new
Can’t keep track of it all
Hard to follow
Hard to educate myself
As soon as I get a grip on one current event
Another one happens
And when I barely get a grip on that
There’s another one
And another
Like working the conveyor belt in an assembly line
If you’re not quick enough
You’ll fall behind
And lose control

The “news” today is a Drill Sergeant
Shouting in my face
Assaulting my senses
I feel disorientation
My head’s spinning
To such an extent
That I’m broken down
Paralyzed with overstimulation
And sensory overload 
To the point where I’m confused
And easily malleable
Easier to control
Like some prisoner in Guantanamo
MK Ultra 101

But I guess that’s the intention
To keep me confused
My brain scrambled
So that I’m passive
And stay out of the way


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