Sunday Funday

I sit in the café
On my laptop
Using the Wifi
And I look over to the table
The table by the window

There's a man
I know this man
I'm friends with him on Facebook
But he probably doesn't know it
He has over a thousand Facebook friends
We hardly ever knew each other
He mostly just saw I was a friend of a friend
And then requested me
And I accepted

The man looks terrible
A stark contrast from his constant Facebook posts
Which are so upbeat
Life is good!
Love my friends!
Love my family!
So blessed!

The man pulls out his smartphone
And he presses some buttons on the screen
I check my Facebook on my laptop
The man has just posted a status
Something about a Sunday fun-day with lots of exclamation points
Life is good
Happy-face emoticons
Everything’s amazing
His friends
And his family
All so amazing
He’s so blessed

I look up from my Facebook and look over to the man
He’s still sitting in the window
He’s having anything but a Sunday fun-day
Nothing seems amazing
And by the look on his face
Life seems pretty terrible


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