Keep Holy Football Sunday

Two o’clock on Sunday
I venture out of my house for a coffee
I drive down the streets
It’s very quiet
Like a neutron bomb had gone off
A car, maybe two here and there
But hardly even that

I wonder what happened
Why it’s so quiet
And I realize it’s a Sunday
But, still…it’s very, VERY quite

And then I remember
The football game’s on
Patriots Vs. Buccaneers
People are holed up in their homes
Not because it’s Sunday, the Sabbath
But because there’s football on all day

Sunday is a day where you hardly see anybody out and about
Not because it’s the Sabbath
But because there is football on the television
Football is their religion
The football players get the reverence
Not the Lord

The fourth Commandment says
Keep Holy the Lord’s Day
People are keeping it holy
But for different reasons

Gradually, over time
The Commandment has been rewritten
To say…
Keep Holy Football Sunday


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