Sitting in a Cool, Dim Booth at a Pizza Parlor in the Middle of a Wednesday

Sitting in a dim booth
At a pizza parlor
The air-conditioning blasting
It’s such a noticeable contrast
From the hot, harsh reality outside

Hootie and the Blowfish plays over the intercom
I’m not a huge fan
But it’s relaxing

When I first sit down
I feel a little anxious and on guard
Like this was a little TOO relaxing
A trick
Reality would come up from behind
And attack
If I let my guard down

But after a little bit
The calm of the environment sinks in more
And I feel better
Much less on guard
It is like a completely different reality
Windows closed
AC blasting
Cut off from the real world
Middle of the day
Everybody’s at work
Or at school

This is the best place to be in the middle of the day


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