Haunted by a Pipe Dream

I’ll be watching a movie
With one of those montage sequences
Or listening to a song
With a magical chorus
Or watching a TV show
With a happy resolution

And the dream will creep up on you
Something will trigger it
Some fake blissful moment
Like the 80s montage
Or that chorus in the song
Those little things that manipulate the emotions

Fuck you, dream!
I thought I lost you
Quite some time ago
But you still follow me around
Stalk me
Lurk around every corner
Haunting me
Waving your fingers at me, saying "pssssst" and “Yooooohooooooo”
Like some relentless pest
I can’t shake you

You dick!
You don’t exist
You just like to toy with me
And trick me
Into thinking you’re real
And you’re obtainable
Somewhere over the rainbow
And all that crap
But you’re fake!!!

Yes, I’m onto you now!
I know that the success
You promise me
Is like fake success
Because if I became as successful
As you trick me into thinking I can
The reality is that the success wouldn’t come
Without a giant piece of my soul
Being compromised
Therefore you’re bullshit
O you devil, with false promises, you!

Case in point:
Lots of people dream of becoming President of the United States
The little kiddies in elementary school
Or maybe the grown-up morons who still don’t know any better
But now I know
The President is an empty position of power and success and influence
We pat the Presidents on the back
And they pat themselves on the back
But, really, they have little power
It’s the money, the corporations, the banks, that pull the strings
Yet they fool themselves into thinking they “made it”
A tear drops from their eye at the inauguration
But their dream was a pipe dream

And, YOU, dream, you fiend
You’re the same thing
A potential reality who follows me around
Creeps on me
Says “Yooooohoooooo”
And teases me into thinking
You’re a possible reality
But you’re not
You’re a pipe dream
Part of an unreality
Something I relentlessly want to exist
And get tricked – constantly – into thinking does exist…
Somewhere over that rainbow…

So fuck off, please
And leave me alone

But…um…don’t go too far
I may need you at some point
To keep moving forward
Through this horribly depressing life

Without the dream
However fake I know it is
There is no hope
And hope is important
Even though I know
Deep down
The hope is bogus as well


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