She Speaks My Language

I never really talked that much
And when I did
I’d often stammer
Or stutter
Because the part of my brain responsible for speech
Was half-asleep
And needed to be oiled

It wasn’t really because I was quiet by nature
It was just because nobody spoke my language
And I had a better time
Talking to myself
Inside my head

But now I found a girl
Who speaks my language
Not the language of bullshit
That so many people around me seem to speak
But the language of truth
My native language
And ever since I met her
I’ve been talking nonstop
No stuttering
No stammering
But like an eloquent, verbally articulate extrovert

Where most of my conversation used to take place inside my head
And where most of my reality used to exist inside my head
Now I’m spending way more time conversing outside of my head
And spending time outside my head
And participating in a reality outside of my head

This is what happens
When you finally find somebody
Who speaks your language


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