Strictly Non-Physical

It started online
Facebook messages
Then instant messaging on Skype
Then phone calls…

Geography unfortunately distances us
But there’s something poetic about it
It forces me to be non-physical
When I’m mostly used to
Being nothing but physical
And it forces me to experience her
For everything
Beyond the physicality

Every relationship I’ve had
Has mostly been purely
But with this relationship
Physicality is impossible
At least right now

But I’ve never felt closer to a girl

Isn’t that strange?
A girl I’ve never met in person
And never had any physical contact with
Sex or anything else
This is the girl
I feel the closest to
While all the girls from the past
All the girls I’d had so much physical contact with
So much sex with
Felt way more distant from me

I feel less empty
And less alone now
Talking to a girl so far away
Than I’ve ever felt
When the girl was right
In the room with me

How ironic life is
And poetic
It’s ironies like these
That make me believe
In some sort
Of intelligent order

Maybe God
Is a poet


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