The Body's Riding Shotgun

Walking down the street
With my sunglasses
And my Ipod
I pass a woman
Who’s rather attractive
I acknowledge her looks
And realize
That with my eyes concealed
It would be so easy
To sneak a peek

But I don’t
Because my reaction is different

Normally my body
Would take me over
My mouth would almost salivate
I’d have an animalistic desire to jump her bones

But my body is no longer
As present as it used to be

And it’s because of the new girl in my life

She has changed me
Maybe for the long haul
With the connection we’ve made
She has conjured love into my life
And consequently brought my soul out of me
And it has overpowered the body
Its lust
And everything else

The body’s still there, don’t me wrong
And there’s nothing inherently wrong
With its desires
And its appetites

But it’s no longer in control
The soul is now in control

In a way
It’s like an ascension
Or a transcension
Away from a body-driven life
To a much higher state of being
Where the soul’s in the driver’s seat
And the body’s riding shotgun


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