Peace with Yourself

It’s weird how
When you find somebody you truly connect with
It’s like rediscovering yourself
Or even discovering yourself
A self you never knew was there
Or forgot was there

You finally realize who you are
Who you need to be
Who you were meant to be

Your true self
Was either repressed
Or in hiding
For far too long

It finally surfaces
Because you’re finally fully comfortable 
Being that self
In the presence of another person
It may only be one person
But one is enough
One is all you need

Maybe this all sounds cheesy
Maybe this sounds clichéd
You’ve heard it all before
But there’s a difference between
Hearing it
And experiencing it
For the first time

Once you experience it
It’s one of the most important shifts
In your life

You finally are
Who you are
Instead of what others
Want you to be

You finally feel comfort
You finally feel peace
Life up until now lacked harmony
Now you feel harmony

You finally are 
At peace
With your self


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