Psychological Warfare

He is the fallen angel
At war against God
Here to darken your hearts
And kill your soul

He will take away your dreams
He will take away your love
He will take away your faith
He will take away your hope

Whenever you see
An injustice in the world
That is so blatantly an injustice…
This is likely the fiend at work
Because the more injustice there is
The more you lose your hope
And once you lose hope
You give up on anything and everything
That is worth living for
And he wins the war against God

So when you’re watching the television (his greatest tool)
And the “reality TV”
And there’s a family like those Kardashians!
Or Paris Hilton
Or Flavor Flav
Or Honey Boo-Boo
Or “The Situation”
Any of those Jersey Shore characters
And they infuriate you
Because so much attention is on them
And they’re famous
And they’re rich
And celebrated for being dumb
And spoiled
And bratty
And whiny

When this kind of “injustice” infuriates you
You are witnessing his finest work at play
And feeding right into his trickery
Because this is just one way
He succeeds
In taking away your hope
And your faith
And crushing your dreams

You heart will break
Your soul will rot
You will become passive with despair
And the fiend will win the great war 
Against God


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