I'm Not Special

The song I’m listening to
Makes me feel special
The lyrics go
“There’s something about you”
And things along these lines

I’m hit with a rush of adrenaline
It goes right to my brain
I say gee, maybe I AM special
Maybe there IS “something about me”
Maybe this is a sign
Maybe this is God speaking to me

But then I realize
Anybody could feel the same way
When they’re listening to the same song 
Especially with the Ipod and the ear-buds
Cutting you off from the world
Connecting you directly with the music
It’s such a one-on-one, personal experience
Like you’re being directly spoken to

But if everybody’s special
Then nobody’s really that special
Everybody’s the same:

This is disillusioning
Because I really thought the song was a sign
From above
Telling me I’m special
And there’s a special destiny for me

But I’m one of millions
Who think the same thing
While listening to the very same song

I’m not special
All I am is a sucker
Of a popular band
That’s trying to flatter
The widest audience possible
Kiss their asses
Make them feel special
So they’ll keep listening
And keep purchasing
Their music

That’s what popular music does
That’s how you become part
Of the top-forty:
You flatter
And fool people into thinking
They’re special
And above the rest

The sooner you realize this, that you’re not special
The less passive you’ll be
And maybe you’ll become more proactive
And set yourself apart from the rest
And become truly special in life


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