Used Condom

Walking my dog
On a dirt road
Just a few feet beyond the power-lines

I see a used condom
On the side of the path
It’s yellowed, kind of a mustardy color
And somewhat melted from the sun
Fully unraveled
With some sand
And small pine needles
Caked onto it

The sight of this used condom
Is like a punch in the face
Somebody out there
Had a great night
Maybe one night ago
Two nights ago
Three nights ago...
Somebody had great sex
And I didn’t
Or at least that's the implication

It hasn’t been that long for me
But, still…
Knowing somebody had great sex
Other than me
Infuriates me
It’s like they left it there on purpose
To advertise the fact that they had sex!

It’s an immature reaction, I know
Because God knows I’ve thrown my condoms
Here and there
In every which place
Out car windows
Into woods
Into flower beds
Into parking lots
Into mailboxes

But now that I’m the man on the other end
Having not had sex in a while
I’m feeling jealous
So sexually frustrated
It hurts me inside

Everybody should properly dispose
Of their condoms
Because leaving them out in public
Is throwing it into everybody’s face
“Yep, I got sex last night
And you didn’t”

Be considerate to others
Please flush your used condoms


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