I'm a Ghost, They Exist

Today I received
About the thousandth rejection letter
For my novel
Or was it the poems?
Or the screenplays??
Who knows
Who cares

I feel lucky getting a response
Even though it was impersonal
Because when I don’t get a response
I feel like I don’t matter
That I’m not worth their time
I feel like I don’t exist
Or that I’m communicating with nobody
Except myself

I feel like a ghost

For some reason I’ve been thinking about
That Kardashian family
Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and the rest
Stars of some reality show
About nothing
Filling a half hour of TV
With whining
And moaning
And a warped sense of entitlement

Every time they overuse the word ‘like’
And make a “valley girl” sound like a Harvard grad
Our soul rots one step closer to rancidness

The sad thing is
I know the Kardashians always get a response
And it’s never a form letter
It’s always personal

I feel like this is what’s wrong
With the world
In a nutshell:

That I’M a ghost
And THEY exist

If you were to ask me ‘what’s wrong with the world’
That’s what I’d tell you
And that would be enough said:

The Kardashians always get a response
And the Kardashians never get a form letter
I'm a ghost
They exist


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