The woman in the call-center
Has a difficult customer on the phone
She stays customer-friendly
But then the customer offends her
It’s a racial slur

She loses her cool
And goes off on him
Breaking practically every rule
In the customer-service handbook

The call is being recorded
Like all of the others
The supervisor calls her into the office
She knows this isn’t good

I have to let you go, says the supervisor
The woman explains the situation
And she thinks her supervisor will understand
Since he, too, is black

But it’s no use
“We can’t have employees
Talking to customers that way” he says
She reiterates that there was a racial slur
He says, between you and me, he understands
But policy is policy
And the woman is terminated

In a world where policy overrules humanity
And is shown such reverence like a deity
We are all doomed


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