Laying in bed
You know morning’s
Just a couple more hours


Once the people wake up
That’s it
There is no more peace

Oh how I wish
I could freeze time
At 3am

They say it’s the witching hour
So maybe I’m a witch
Because this is the time of day
I feel my best

I feel a sense of clarity
At 3am
A more direct connection
To the universe
To Source
Whatever you want to call it

With no distractions or blockages
From the white noise of daytime

I get my best ideas
And my most profound revelations
I have the most hope
And feel the happiest
At 3am
Some call it “dead time”
But I feel most alive

Then morning comes
And the alarm clock of reality
Starts assaulting your ears 
And the hope disappears
And the mood turns sour

Yes, I wish I could freeze time
So that it’s always 3am
And always have that direct
Unhindered connection
To the universe

Call me a witch 
Call me a dude who thrives off ‘dead time’
Call me what you will
But if the people
Who prefer the day
Are most alive
Then I’m dead
And I love being that way

But I think it’s all mixed up

I think the witches of the night
Are most alive
While the distracted people
Spending their waking hours
In the white noise of the daylit world
Are the most dead


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