My Name is Mr. Hyde

My name is Mr. Hyde
And I’m sick of being villainized.
I’m a necessary component
To your overall being
And it’s about time you admit it

I’m the one looking back at you in the mirror.
And in photographs…
I am that unsettling look in your eye
That brief, shape-shifting leer
That gives you a chill
And you try to pretend is not there

I’m here to tell you I AM here
Don’t block your ears but listen
I’m here
Believe it
And accept it
Love it

Because you would be nothing without me
You’d be boring
As a writer
As an artist
As a human being

Mr. Jekyll’s a pussy
He’s boooooooooooring
Jekyll has you living a safe life
On the ocean shore
Tanning on the beach
While I get you on a ship
That takes you into the dangerous waters
Across the raging ocean
To exotic lands
Uncharted territory
And we have bold, exciting adventures

Sure, things get stormy at times
And risky
There’s madness
You may get hurt
You may do the hurting
But that’s what gives you material
That’s what gives you life
You’d have nothing to write about
Or to live for
If it weren’t for me

That Mr. goody-two-shoes Jekyll
His soul’s too perfect
He locks it up in a box
And doesn’t give it a chance
To go out into the world
And get tainted

But it’s time you realize
A soul
That stays locked up
Is a dead soul

Getting your soul dirty…
That’s life

I give you life


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