The Comfort of the Air Conditioner

Naked in the hotel bed
Hung over
Horrible pounding headache
Puke rising up my throat
Then goes back down
Then comes back up
Then goes back down

But then…

It’s one degree above sixty-eight
The air conditioner kicks on
There’s the humming
Something maternal about it
Like a mother putting her child to sleep
And then the subtle sound of trickling water
Such comforting noises

There’s something about a hangover
And silence
That makes a bad combination
The quieter it is
The more your nerves
And brain
Process the discomfort
And how terrible it is

But when that AC kicks on
The sound occupies your senses
Tricks your brain
Into feeling less pain

There’s no better sound
Than the AC kicking on
At about 7:30am
In a strange hotel
In a strange town
In a strange world
While you’re suffering
A terrible hangover


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