Freeing the Schoolgirl

I don’t know how much longer
I can put on this act
Like I’m a tough man
Impervious to love
That I don’t care
Exuding the ‘whatever’ attitude

She sees me on the outside
And she thinks I’m indifferent
To the relationship we have going on
Whatever that relationship

Thank God she cannot see
Beyond the façade
Because she would see
A hyper little girl
Jumping up and down
Flapping her hands and screaming

Yes, a screaming schoolgirl
Plucking the pedals off flowers
Singing “she loves me, she loves me not!”

I feel like a pressure-cooker screeching
The strong emotions
Building up inside of me
I don’t know how much longer I can go
Without bursting

It would be an embarrassing sight
But a funny sight to others
To witness the manly façade explode
And see the screaming little girl
Whose been hiding out behind the curtain
This entire time

They would try to calm her down
But she would keep hopping around
Flapping her hands and screaming

I can’t help but wonder
If there are other people like me
Maybe most men in love
Have that screaming little girl
Jumping around inside of them
They just never let her out.

Maybe we should embrace
That little schoolgirl inside us
And realize…
It’s OK to be excited
It’s OK to go eeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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