Facebook Status

Why is it
That everything I do
Isn't good enough
As it is?

I have the urge
To turn my action
Movie I'm watching
Book I'm reading
Hamburger I'm eating
Into a status?

Why can't I just live
Without making life's events
A status?

Am I really that lonely?
Am I really that desperate?
For attention
For validation
of my actions
of my thoughts
of my movie choices
and book choices
of my existence?

And if I don’t get likes
And if I don’t get comments
Why do my actions
My thoughts
Seem unimportant

And I delete my status
In hope that nobody notices
Although they probably do

And I wait for the next action
The next thought
To come along
So that I can post it
As a better status
And redeem my existence.

I wish what I thought
And what I did
Was good enough to stand on its own
Without having to be broadcasted on Facebook
With the hope
Of being validated.

Because right now
The value of my existence
Is dependent on
A successful Facebook status.

There is something wrong with this.
Things weren’t always like this.
How do I go back to that better time?


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