Mr. Misogyny

I see you there looking back at me
In the mirror.

You’re quiet
You don’t answer
You just stare.

You try to pretend you’re not there
And that the only person
I’m looking at
Is me.

That’s your trick.
That’s how you get your jollies.
Making me think that you
Are me.
That we’re one in the same.

But we’re not.

Oh, you do some awful things, Mr. Misogyny.
And make me look so terrible.
You have some sort of sick desire
To mess with women
Toy with their hearts
Corrupt them
Ruin them
Own them
Dominate them
Make them suffer.

You enjoy seeing them hurt
It makes you feel powerful
That you have the capability
Of affecting them
In such a significantly emotional way.

You can’t be me, because I’m not like that.
But somehow you tricked myself
And others
Into thinking you are me and I am you.

You’re ruining my reputation
Ruining my soul
God used to like me
But now you make me look bad in His eyes.
I’ll have trouble getting into heaven, now
All because of you.

Maybe I need to find a priest
To exorcise you from my body
Because you’re a rotten one, Mr. Misogyny.
And I’m not you, you’re not me.

Oh, how opportunistic you were!
You saw my insecurity
And bred off of it
Like a mosquito in a swamp.
Insecurity is a nice damp environment
For you to grow big and strong.

It wasn’t fair
To take advantage of me so.
Because, just like a tumor
I didn’t notice you
Until it was too late.
You’re too strong now.
You have taken me over.

There is no more me
There’s just you.


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