Right Here, Right Now

I used to think the point of life
Was to succeed, do big things,

But what I realize now
Is that a person who thinks this way…
No matter what you accomplish
It’s never enough.
You’re never satisfied.

It only gives birth to a diseased mind
A mental illness
Where your mind races

Gotta do this, gotta do that
Shoulda done this, shoulda done that
Coulda, woulda, shoulda
He’s doing this, she’s doing that
My mother says this, my dad says that
My grandmother thinks this
My grandfather believes that
Shoulda had a better job by now
Should been famous by now
Shoulda been published by now
Should been produced by now
Gotta find a wife
Getting old, clock ticking
Need to have a house
Need better car
Need more money, more money, more money
I’m washing dishes but I could be doing that
I’m mowing the lawn, wasting time, could be doing this.

I’m waiting twenty minutes in line
Just to get a bagel sandwich
I should be doing something better
With my time.

Need to be pitching, networking
Making contacts.
Not getting myself ‘out there’ enough
Opportunities slipping by.
Which opportunity did I miss?
Keep your eyes open, for more opportunities
Down the road
One may slip you by.
Keep your eyes pealed.
Don’t snooze
Don’t have your pants down.

Yeeeesh. Exhausting.

Eventually, you come to realize
This mindset, this constant racing
Of the brain…
Nothing good comes out of it.
It’s a lot of wasted energy
And it distances you from the moment
So much that you’re hardly really living
On the earth
Because you’re either dwelling on the past
Or thinking about the future.
When you should have your two feet
Grounded, on the earth.
Be present.
Right here, right now.

If you can do this
And be comfortable sitting on your ass
Eating a bagel sandwich
That you just waited 20 minutes in line for
And sipping an iced coffee
While the world does its thing
And Jimmy-Crack-Corn, you don’t care what the world’s doing…
Then you have mastered the human condition.

It’s that simple.
You don’t have to find a cure for cancer.
You just have to be comfortable
Sitting on your ass
Two feet flat against the earth
Eating your delicious bagel sandwich.

And there it is.
The secret to the meaning of life revealed.

Easier said than done, of course.


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