Alcoholism, You Sly Devil

You sly devil.
You had all the time in the world.
To own me.

Your patience is admirable.
If only it were my own.

Your claws are sharp but slow.
Like the speed of a minute-hand…
I don’t see them digging into me.
But they’re definitely moving.

Weekends spilled into Mondays.
Mondays turned into Tuesdays.
Tuesdays blurred with Wednesdays.
Wednesday became the entire week.

I always scoffed at your power.
But now I give you great respect.
Hats off to you, devil!
I underestimated you.

My guard was down.
And now you own me.
There is no turning back.
There is no escape.

We might as well shake on it.
And embrace our relationship.


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