Live Like the Dog

It’s a Sunday night, February…2013.
The Oscars are on.
I’m watching them on the television, along with all the other bitter ones who aren’t there.

I feel below these shiny stars.
They are more successful than I am.
They got their dream.
I got the nightmare.

I look down to the rug and see my dog, just snoozing away, and he gives me a peaceful feeling.
He doesn’t give a damn about the Oscars.
He loves me more than any of those shining stars.

The dog transcends success and fame and dreams come true and dreams shat on.
Hollywood and all its bull is not a part of his reality.
Nothing but food and water and a warm bed and – of course – his master concerns him…

I realize it would be good to be like the dog.
There he is snoozing away, and he’s the embodiment of a great life philosophy.

The First Lady, Michelle Obama, comes onto a live feed and announces the winner for BEST PICTURE.
The line between Hollywood and politics has finally blurred completely.

At first, my soul wants to puke.
But then I again look at my dog and he’s snoozing away and I realize it’s not worth the aggravation.
This world doesn’t have to be a part of your reality.
You can transcend this reality, just like the dog.


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