AirAsia: The Distraction of the Week

Another commercial airliner has mysteriously disappeared without much of a trace. This time, it's AirAsia flight 8501 and it mysteriously vanished somewhere over (or under) the Java Sea while en route to Singapore after a departure from Surabaya, Indonesia. The disappearance of the plane is eerily reminiscent of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that mysteriously disappeared in the Indian ocean en route to Beijing last March.

Just as the Sony hack story has basically fizzled out (read my article on the Sony hack HERE), here we are with another BIG NEWS story to keep our minds occupied for maybe another week or two. This missing airline story is merely an extension of a continuing trend of BIG NEWS: first it was the Malaysia flight 370 in March, then Isis started taking over the news, then ebola, then the Bill Cosby allegations, next was Michael Brown and the Ferguson riots, then a CIA torture report, the Sony hack...and, now, just as the whole Sony story has fizzled out, another airliner has gone missing, a story that kind of acts as a sequel to the Malaysian flight disappearance last March. The missing Malaysian flight successfully distracted the public for a good month, if not more. Maybe the AirAsia story will do the same.

We are living in an era of BIG news, much of which seems to be purposely built up into big news, if not outright manufactured. It's like there's a news machine out there grinding out the big news stories to keep us glued to the Hi-Def televisions and the Internet blogs. It seems like as soon as one big news story fizzles out and the public loses interest, another big news story is waiting on deck, ready to step up to the plate. I do not believe this is a coincidence. I believe much of this news is being manufactured in a calculated way.

Is this a media conspiracy? Are media corporations building up/feeding into (if not outright manufacturing) these big news events for the purpose of engaging viewers and readers? After all, the bigger the news story, the more clicks blogs will get and the more viewers will be glued to CNN/FOX/CNBC/ABC News etc. Maybe it's simply all about the ad revenue.

Or is this a government conspiracy? Perhaps the government is distracting us from more important how dysfunctional Congress is and how broken our current political system is. Maybe the more we hold a magnifying glass up to mysterious plane disappearances, celebrity scandals and racial riots, the less we hold a magnifying glass up to a dysfunctional government. Maybe they want to divert our attention away from shady government creations like the NSA or scandals like in Benghazi or maybe government failures like Detroit's bankruptcy, who knows? Or perhaps they're just trying to prevent us from revolting. Politicians want to hold on to their cushy paychecks and positions of power, not to mention their (empty) prestige. The last thing they want is for people to organize and start a revolution. Therefore, it's best to keep the people's eyes focused on something else - anything but them.

But maybe it's not even about distracting us from the government's ineptitude and shadiness. Maybe 'somebody out there' - a malevolent alien race? the devil himself? - simply wants to distract us from ourselves, our lives and what's really important in our lives. Maybe the more time we spend outside ourselves - worrying about certain big news events or being outraged by them or simply just analyzing them to death - the less time we spend inside of ourselves, nourishing and cultivating our inner souls wherein may lie something spiritual that is most important of all.

Maybe this is all a part of a great war against God, or if you're not a believer in God, spirituality...or, to use an even more non-religious term, positive energy. The more time we fear and loathe as a reaction to BIG NEWS, the less time we spend tuned into higher energetic frequencies, like joy and love and creativity, the very vibrations that bring us closer to and harmonious with "God".

So next time there is a big news event that almost seems scripted, kind of like it's right out of a movie. Ask yourself:

What do they not want me to see? Maybe they're simply trying to get ad revenue or wagging the dog away from our inept and corrupt government. Or maybe it's something much more simple. Maybe there is a dark force out there simply trying to drown ourselves in the low energetic frequencies of negativity - fear and loathing - keep us distracted and outside ourselves, keep us extrospective (this may be a word I just made up) - constantly focused on the outside world - when we should really be introspectively concentrating on our inner selves, souls, the direct plug-in to the higher energetic frequencies.

The higher frequencies are most important. We must not be distracted by the lower frequencies. The lower frequencies are like computer malware on our souls. They slow us down and eventually paralyze us. They keep us from living up to our most excellent potential.


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