Over the past few years Matt Burns has received an abundance of fan mail from people all over the world. Below are excerpts from just some of the letters/emails he has received. Please note that these excerpts are unedited, so don't be offended if you find yourself reading cuss words.


I have been remiss in telling you what a great job I thought you did in King of Hearts. You wonderfully stayed 'inside' your character (the deaf mute), functioning from HIS perspective and HIS understanding. That is the essence of drama. So many actors play themselves, from THEIR OWN points of view, but you played your character, from his pov. Great work! Stay well. And keep doing the drama/acting thing. You have talent! -- Ray Carney (

You have some remarkable essays, writings, and poetry. Thanks for turning me on to your work. -- Billie Perry (Poet and wife of Aerosmith's Joe Perry)

Hey Matt, 

I totally stumbled upon your website the other day and checked out a couple of your videos. I was entertained so I decided to check out your website. I noticed that we share a few things in common. We are both alumni of BU's COM. So, that got me really interested in you. Not in the stalker way, but the less creepy curious way. So I decided to spend a little time and check out more of your videos and writing. 

I've got to tell you, I am very impressed with your body of work. It was really cool to see how you've evolved creatively from your early videos to the most recent ones. Your technical skills and acting have really grown tremendously. I love your sense of humor. 

The videos that stood out were your more recent ones, "We're Good," (loved the monologue to god) and "So Sorry," (a great character study). But I also liked the documentary on the haunted house. Honestly, you did a much better job than those guys in RI who produce the Ghost Hunters show. They are hokey and annoying and they take themselves way too seriously. Yours took a very serious and respectful approach, trying to remain objective and scientific. They try to shove their beliefs, that every house is haunted down the audience's throats. You seemed skeptical but open. Then I really appreciated how you used the footage from the serious documentary to make the parody, "Haunted House." Much of what you've been doing reminds me of my time at BU and my work after. 

I went to work in commercial production and ended up at WLVI and WCVB. Like you, I was a jack of all trades. I wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited. I also did quite a bit of acting along the way. Actually, I was torn between COM and CFA. COM won out because CFA required a second trip into Boston for an audition. What can I say, I was lazy! I still got to act in lots of films, though. 

Anyway, I had a few good years in television and won lots of awards, including several Emmys. I was considered one of New England's best videographers for a while. Then, I discovered that I had some problems with my eyes. After a few surgeries, I had to stop working. What good was a photographer who couldn't focus? Now I'm in a different line of work. I do muscular therapy and massage. From what my clients tell me, I'm one of the best in the area. Other massage therapist will drive from an hour away to see me! So I take pride in that, too. I've always felt it's important to strive for perfection in whatever you do. If you're gonna do something, do it right! That ethic shows in your work, too. 

I love your writing, as well! You've got style and humor. And, oh yeah, the writing and directing of the Hitler Sympathy short was genius. Top notch for a student film. 

If you have time, I'd love to chat a bit about what equipment you are using, as well as whatever is on your mind. 

Keep up the good work, my friend. 



Hello Matt 

Thank you for sharing who you are. I found your home on the web to be an inspiration. You have much to be proud. I am  impressed by who you are and what you do. Know that you  impact people in a positive way. By giving who you are into the world you manifest a world of divine heart. Blessed are we who have the opportunity to experience your unique gifts. I wish you a glorious and miraculous journey of Light and Love. 

May you embrace your essential self as you connect with your inner wisdom and May you discover your special gifts as you work towards  your dreams. 

Yours in Heart and Healing 
Micheal Teal  The Ancient One

Hello Matt, 

My name is Felicitas, i'm a 22 year-old actress and art director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I have just finished working on a film I co-writted, and currently rehearsing for an independent play which will premiere next 2nd of August. 

I came across your website by mere chance, since I'm also working on the writing of my own play to take to theatres on the next couple of months. I looked for any material that would inspire me or give me any idea (vídeos, quotes, photographs, blogs, famous or non-famous texts, etc.) As soon as I entered your site, I became extremely interested in everything that I found. I watched some of the videos, and read the "So sorry" screenplay, the "The Videographer" short story (with which I felt unbelievably related to), and the 'The Workshop" short screenplay as well. 

I wanted to thank you for sharing all of your work with everyone else. It has been inspirational and useful. 

I hope we can work on something together in the future! And exchange ideas from our very different backrounds and cultures. 

If you want, I can send you some of the acting works I have done throughout these years.

Once again, thank you very much for sharing your works. 

Very warm regards from South America, 

Wish you all the best, 


Hi Matt,

I stumbled upon your blog about 32 lives: cleansing past life trauma. 

Someone who does clearing of past lives told me horrendous stories about my past lives, and I was starting to shake. I was starting to feel very anxious, and worried that I had to pay a lot of money to get my past lives cleared. I was searching information about clearing past life trauma, and came to your site. I just wanted to tell you that you made me laugh (the way you wrote), and made me feel lighter. Thank you so much. 

I believe in past life and all, but it's nice to keep humor, especially for a person like me who gets very anxious.

Have you gone to get the rest of past lives cleared?

Your writing and videos/movies are great. I got curious and started to read/watch.

I really like how you write. I'm not much of a writer myself, but I know when it comes to who writes well :)




I never do this, this is really random, but I stumbled onto your blog posts about looking into your past lives. I am totally fascinated by your findings about Carole Lombard. Aside from her being one of my favorite comedic actresses, I read "Chasing Carole" too... so I couldn't stop reading your post once I started. 

The reason I had to contact you was because I had googled, specifically, "past lives, old Hollywood". I have just started to look into the possibility of a past life in Hollywood for myself. I have felt it for a long time, but thought I was just crazy, until my hypnotherapist mentioned that although she couldn't confirm it, it seemed very likely just judging off the energy she was getting from me. 

How did you meet the network of people who helped you? Psychics, mediums, etc. It is hard to find people who are legitimate and this is completely foreign territory to me, so I figured I would start with someone that has actually been down this road before. It looks like you don't actually live in CA, so I don't need actual names, just curious to know a little bit more about your "quest", if you will. 

Thank you! 


PS - You are quite lucky to have had Hitch hanging around with you too. :)

Matt, you are doing really good work...and you are clearly talented as a writer. --Joey Tuccio, The Happy Writer's Script Consulting Agency

Hello,my name is Brandon,and I'm from Medfield. I called you on Monday and you told me to send you an email.Well I'm a big fan of your You Tube page it is hilarious,and I think you are a talented writer/filmmaker. I can tell from the videos that you're a fan of Guns 'n Roses. I myself am a huge GNR fan. I've read the book "Slash" and have watched many interviews and also what I can find on Netflix of their concerts.They are my second favorite band next to Van Halen. I play guitar a lot and I love to play GNR riffs. My favorite is the entire Sweet Child O' Mine solo. I know you can play "When The Saints Go Marching In" (love that video) but is there anything else you can play? Do you play in Build A Machine (Dick Blow Head classic) or any other band. Give me a wed site if you do,because I'd like to support you. Finally I need some stickball man let's make it happen Walpole vs Medfield sounds good to me.

hallo matt, l hope your name is adam from tanzania.the main thing to write to you is lam so impressed with your work its very nice for sure lam telling you.may l know more about you if you will tell me l will be very happy because l keep on waiting to read a lot from you l know l will learn much from you.

Hi Matt I'm a film student from Ireland and I read your article "Haters Of Liberty". You're absolutely right about people liking to knock celebrities. I worked as an extra on a TV series being shot called The Tudors. Jonathan Ryes Meyers was starring in it and you wouldn't believe how much we made fun of him. For example, there is a story going around that he went out with Scarlett Johannsen and then broke up with her, so we were convinced he was a fucking idiot. I'd say that one probably sprung from jealousy more than anything else. Ordinary people feel inferior to good looking, successful celebrities like Meyers or Tom Cruise, so they like to knock them off their lofty positions. This is responsible for the success of celebrity magazines that show glamorous celebrities with cellulite or acne or whatever. I think the reason celebrities get so much of this abuse is that they're so vulnerable to it. I think that the people who watch the shows you are talking about and laugh at celebrities for doing something stupid should maybe ask why they want to see something like that. However there is one point you didn't make. I know it's an obvious one and it's got nothing to do with the main point you're making but the fact is that these shows are junk. The popularity of these shows-they're being made in Ireland and UK by the way-reflects that TV networks are short on ideas for shows and it also reflects how passive viewers are. People should start saying, "I'm not going to watch this, not because it's morally dubious but because it's junk. Life must have more to offer than this." I think people need to get it into their heads that watching bad TV is like eating junk food. And like with junk food, if people could stop watching it for a while, they couldn't go back. Do you know why? Because it's actually mind-numbingly boring and repetetive. The same way anyone who eats healthily couldn't eat at McDonald's. Like Cassavetes said, a lot of people stop living at the age of 21. When people watch junky TV without questioning it, they're not living, because they're obviously not thinking. Good luck Sean

This is sick! I can't believe how funny you are! I barely got through this thing without pissing my pants from laughing at you. This is so sick and funny as hell! This is why I fanned your silly ass! Good work!

Thanks for sending me the scripts. After months of reading crap, I was finally able to get to yours. I love the personality of them. It was quite refreshing! Your voice is one of the most original and exciting I've read so far. Keep it up!

I thought your script "Pure Sextacy" was great. It was extremely funny and with the right actor I think this would be a riot. I love all the repetition and the way these thoughts keep echoing around in his head throughout his day (even in the most inappropriate places). A wonderful comedy script. I would be shocked if this doesn't get made soon. --Chris Messineo, Founder:

I loved you slumber party vids, PLEASE make more, I can even suggest some B-movies

One of the most intelligent opinionated minds.

Loved your blog 'Debbie Downer: the Power of Negative Thought!' So many folks get trapped in feeling down and think they are 'Debbies' and that cycle continues and worsens. Its all about changing your life and your attitude … not just your attitude Please let me know if I can ever be helpful. Cheers, Arjun Arjun Dev Arora CEO | Founder ReTargeter LLC (c) (949) 294-9753 E:

Dear Matt. Im way out here in Albuquerque New Mexico googling "Internal Farts" Why?. I land on your site, Ten things that piss me off. I laugh im happy again I add you to my favorites Im an instant fan! Thank You

Burns, hey how are you? hope this email finds you well. I was poking around on line and came across your site. I thought I'd drop you a line and give you a thumbs up. You made some great points in the essays, and the overall layout of the site is really cool.

Hey Matt Yeah you're not the only one that makes the comment about Zoe Cassavetes. I take it as a compliment. She is beautiful and amazing. BTW I checked out some of your stuff. I got a kick out of "Running in Bird Park". Oh and if you do decide to submit anything or know anyone who might, the first entry deadline is April 7th. If you have any questions or need help, I'm here for ya! Good Luck!

Yo, your videos are fuckin awesome. good shit. -- E. Revolution Productions

hey, tight film ""Actaeon: Portrait of a Peeping Tom" I have a close friend craig who graduated from pitt univeristy in film he would love to see this and i'm going to throw it at him. give me an add and i hope u remember me from back in the day


Hey matt im courtney just wanted to say i like your work , and yea sooo ill talk to you later then ♥Courtney

Hi: Tony Vidmer, writer/director/producer of "High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story" here. Your film looks awesome! We liked Sympathy for Hitler's Soul the Best. Again, congrats, and hope you come help rock FYLMZ! Tony Vidmer Founder FYLMZ.COM

i just wanted to say, i didnt have time to watch everything but i love what i've seen so far. keep up the great work keep me posted !!! d :)

Hey I love your way of thinking outside the box and wanted to say hello. I just wanted to tell you that I think your great and have a lot of heart! Taisiya

hey, i was checking out your profile, the boston public library rocks. it's a great place, i was there about a couple months ago, copley place is cool in general. i also find this concept interesting... "In Wiseman's films, there are no villains, just complex human beings who are both good and bad, who just fall victim to certain human errors and tragedies." you are a very complex man mr. burns.

That was the funniest thing I have ever SEEN!!!! Love watching these videos!

British Dingo from Ireland Friggen Rules

Hey Matt, You badass. You rock the drums, you love the Beastie Boys, and now this. I didn't even know myspace had film pages. I must start one because I'm majoring in Film. Its too bad you didn't go to WHS when we started making Film Festivals. Oh well. Rock on dude |m| -Suzy

I've become a big fan of matt burns lately....

I hate to admit it, but I've fallen behind on the Burns Production Videos...I caught the sk8er ones though...masterfully done...I felt like I was inside the Oldsmobile heading past the prison to the sk8 park...very well done per usual...5 stars

You're a fuckin' dance machine! This is some of the best shit you've put up....give me more please.

this boy right here is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!.........A-MAZE-ING!!!

cool site. you got talent bud.

Hey. The video for BAM (Push) is awesome, Burnsy. God must have told you to make it while you were playing with your doll. -Matt G

You and your friends are soooo funny! I loved your commentary on the film Trick Or Treat. That is one of my most fave horror movies of all time from the 80's. Keep up the great work!!! :)

I think it is important for you to know that you and your friends are the coolest people of all time.


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