"You have some remarkable essays, writings and poetry."
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"Matt, you're legitimately insane. Good luck, man. Find some help." 
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Below are a number of essays written sometime between 2005 and the present. Some of my views have changed a bit since writing these pieces, but I still stand beside the bulk of what I had to say. I encourage you to email me with any responses or reflections. Enjoy! 

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Is Trump an SP? Parallels Between Scientology and the Anti-Trump Movement (January 2017)

A brief article comparing the Church of Scientology to a broader “corporate cult” of which we are all unknowing members. This cult wanted Hillary Clinton in the oval office as its representative and is now out to publicly discredit President-Elect Trump, a man viewed as its enemy, or—what scientologists would refer to as—a ‘suppressive person’:

Is Trump an SP? Parallels Between Scientology and the Anti-Trump Movement

THE MEDIA'S THE TRUE BEAST: A Response to the Orlando Night Club Shooting (June 2016)

A short response to the recent Orlando nightclub shooting. Discusses how the media's coverage of negative events may be more detrimental to the human race than the negative events themselves:


What the NY TIMES OP-ED Should've Said (December 2015)

A response to the "historic" New York Times op-ed piece regarding gun control. Discusses how gun control is a lot more complicated than the one-sided op-ed piece made it out to be:

What the NY TIMES OP-ED Should've Said

The Gay-Marriage Wild Card - And Other Ways Our Government is Smoke Screening the TPP (June 2015)

The recent "landmark" Supreme Court gay-marriage ruling, along with Confederate Flag controversy and other BIG NEWS events, could be smoke screening something the Obama administration doesn't want us to know much about: mainly, the shady TPP treaty. Read the full article at the link below:

The Gay-Marriage Wild Card (And Other Ways Our Government is Smoke Screening the TPP)

The Bruce Jenner "Meltdown" (February 2015)

An article about the recent bizarre behavior displayed by ex-Olympian-gold-medalist-turned-reality-tv-star Bruce Jenner. The article discusses how Jenner may be a victim of government mind control and his 'meltdown' is possibly being used as a method of psychological warfare against the American people:

The Bruce Jenner "Meltdown"

The Measles Vaccine Debate (February 2015)

An article about the recent measles vaccine debate. Is the threat of a mandatory measles vaccine another attack on our personal freedoms? Or is the vaccine debate another media-contrived debate meant to distract and divide the public? Or is it possible that the measles outbreak is just another big news event blown out of proportion for the purposes of making the media money? It could be all of the above:

The Measles Vaccine Debate

The Death of True Journalism (January 2015)

A brief article about reckless journalism. Discusses how even the most 'respected' news outfits have abandoned all sense of journalistic integrity and ethics. The desperation for blog hits and ad revenue has made sensational half-truths take the place of truth:

The Death of True Journalism

"IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, LEAVE!": The American Sniper Controversy (January 2015)

A brief article discussing the recent controversy surrounding Clint Eastwood's new film American Sniper. Defenders of the film are people who claim to be "lovers of liberty" but these are paradoxically the people who act the most hostile towards actual liberty when it's presented to them:

The American Sniper Controversy

The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations (January 2015)

An article written in response to the recent Bill Cosby rape allegations. Discusses how the allegations have helped fuel the 'court of media opinion' and also helped set a new Un-American precedent of 'guilty until proven innocent'. Also discusses the timing of the allegations and how they may have been purposely unveiled in conjunction with other racially-divisive and gender-polarizing news stories:

The Bill Cosby Rape Allegations

AirAsia: The Distraction of the Week (December 2014)

An article in response to the recent mysterious disappearance of AirAsia Flight 8501. Are BIG NEWS events like the AirAsia disappearance purposely being built up (if not outright manufactured) by the media/government for the purposes of keeping people perpetually distracted?

AirAsia: The Distraction of the Week

The Sony Hack: An Attack Against the 1st Amendment (December 2014)

A brief essay about the recent "Sony hack", which was blamed on N. Korea but I feel could have been our own government at work. Was this attacking of the 1st amendment part of a larger ongoing battle against the American Constitution?

The Sony Hack: An Attack Against the 1st Amendment

B Strong: My Alternative Perspective on the Boston Marathon Bombings (April 2013)

A think-piece about the bombings and the whole week following the bombings. I express my concern about the attacks being a staged event executed for the purpose of taking more of our liberties away:

B Strong: My Alternative Perspective on the Boston Marathon Bombings

Wait, What Really DID Happen to Charlie Sheen? (October 2012)

A blog that explores the suspicious circumstances behind Charlie Sheen's 2011 public meltdown. How government mind-control could have played a role in his mental collapse:

Wait, What Really DID Happen to Charlie Sheen?

The Argument for the 2nd Amendment (July 2012)

A think-piece written in response to the recent Aurora Colorado "movie massacre". It explores the debate over the 2nd amendment, ultimately arguing that we need to be very, very careful before we support any kind of arms control:

The Argument for the 2nd Amendment

Thoughts about 'Occupy Wall Street' (November 2011)

Some thoughts on the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement and an analysis of the so-called "one-percent's" attempt to demean and guilt-trip the protesters:

Thoughts about 'Occupy Wall Street'

Toyotaism: Efficiency at all Costs (April 2011)

A philosophical essay about the flaws inherent in what is referred within the corporate world as "Lean Manufacturing". LEAN is a philosophy that is supposed to make companies more efficient and cost-effective, but the essay argues that there are harmful ramifications to adopting such a super-efficient philosophy:

Toyotaism: Efficiency at all Costs

The Face of Evil (January 2011)

A brief response to the recent mass-shooting in Tucson, AZ. and all the media attention it's been getting. Discusses how the 'face of evil' is not necessarily as identifiable as the media portrays it to be:

The Face of Evil

The Death of Freedom (June 2010)

A short blog about the recent intolerance of free speech in Washington, particularly in regards to people like U.S. General Stanley McChrystal and Washington Post journalist Helen Thomas. Both McChrystal and Thomas were fired from their respective positions for essentially being "free":

The Death of Freedom

American Bully (June 2010)

A blog about the bullying in our American schools, some of which has actually driven students to committing suicide. Discusses how TV programming and other forms of media are teaching children that making fun of others is OK to do:

American Bully

Betting on Hollywood (April 2010)

A blog about the development of a new "futures market" that will allow people, companies and studios to bet on the success of Hollywood movies at the box office. Discusses how such a market will place an even greater emphasis on the financial success of movies and even less of an emphasis on the film's artistic success:

Betting on Hollywood

The New World Order (April 2010)

A blog about the Corporate West and World Bank's agenda for world domination, as orchestrated by the ever-elusive Bilderberg Group:

The New World Order

We are the world, We are the philanthropists! (February 2010)

A response to the February 2010 re-recording of the song "We are the World" by Hollywood's finest musical artists/actors. Overall, this is a blog about empty acts of charity that seem to be done for the sole sake of looking good in the public eye:

We are the World, We are the Philanthropists

Personality Tests: Survival of the Phoniest (November 2009)

An essay focusing on retailers' use of a 'Unicru' personality test when hiring prospective employees. Discusses how the test not only favors dehumanized individuals, but also forces people to be dishonest with their answers. A Darwinian-like "selection of the phoniest" results:

Personality Tests: Survival of the Phoniest

Debbie Downer: The Power of 'Negative' Thought (October 2009)

A blog focusing on the "positive psychology" that has been pervading our culture lately (i.e. books like THE SECRET etc.) Suggests that positive psychology not only deludes people from reality, but also has the negative effect of labeling 'dissatisfaction' as 'negativity', which ultimately forces people to be passively complacent in life:

Debbie Downer: The Power of 'Negative' Thought

Strong Advocate of Piracy (October 2009)

A brief blog questioning the current trend in hip-hop/rap music to compose overtly sexually explicit songs. Are these musical "artists" really the artists they claim to be? Or are they just capitalists manufacturing commodities that they think will sell?

Strong Advocate of Piracy

MJ's Death: the Religion of Celebrity (June 2009)

Reflections on the recent death of Michael Jackson. Discusses a culture where celebrities are worshiped as though they are gods:

MJ's Death: the Religion of Celebrity

'Pop-Intellectualism' in Our Culture (June 2009)

A response to Boston University's decision to award Steven Spielberg with an honorary degree at the 2009 commencement ceremony. Discusses the dangers of blurring the lines between entertainment and intellectualism:

Pop-Intellectualism in Our Culture

Politicians as Performers (October 2008)

A response to the 2008 Vice-Presidential debate with Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Discusses how the political debates (and politics in general) have become one big show where candidates use certain "strategies" to manipulate people into voting for them, instead of allowing their policies and plans to speak for themselves:

Politicians as Performers

Democracy When Convenient (January 2007)

A response to President Bush's decision to send more troops into Iraq (in January 2007), despite popular opinion being against his doing so. How this is evidence of a 'democracy' in America that is only a democracy when it is convenient for those in power:

Democracy When Convenient

Saddam's Execution (December 2006)

A response to Saddam Hussein's execution. Originally appeared as a blog on

Saddam's Execution

Choosing One Master (December 2006)

A letter I wrote when I was 24 for Ray Carney's website. It talks about a choice I made a few years ago to serve God - not money - and what this choice means in today's corporatist America where accumulating profit is the ultimate goal for the majority of people:

Choosing One Master

Sympathy for Kramer (November 2006)

A response to the now infamous 'Kramer Video', where Michael Richards shouts out racial slurs at some hecklers during one of his stand-up routines:

Sympathy for Kramer

Haters of Liberty (October 2006)

An essay that discusses the shows on VH1 and E! that feature comedians making fun of celebrities whenever they say something controversial or politically incorrect. These shows are reflections of a "free" America that ironically seems to be frighteningly hostile towards free expression:

Haters of Liberty

Our Set Ways (May 2006)

A few paragraphs discussing our innate need to control chaos by creating a world comprised of objective truths, absolutes and ideological systems. These "set ways" kill the human spirit and trigger the destruction of the self, as well as the destruction of others:

Our Set Ways

Culture of Fear (May 2006)

Talks about how the media makes the nation (and much of the world) out to be a much scarier place than it actually is. People mistakenly view this media-constructed world as being the "real world":

Culture of Fear

Land of Opportunity (May 2006)

Discusses how the Peace Core and other American humanitarian efforts are pointless when the best way to help third world countries is to simply stop draining them of their laborers and resources:

Land of Opportunity

Explainable Reality (April 2006)

An email written to Alex Karpovsky about his film "The Hole Story." The email discusses the extent to which reality can be explained. If God created reality and God works in mysterious (i.e. inexplicable) ways, then how truthful are our explanations of reality?

Explainable Reality

Media Personas (April 2006)

A letter written to Mark and Jay Duplass about their short film "This is John." Discusses how how we consciously manipulate the way in which others perceive us through today's impersonal forms of media, such as Myspace, Instant Messenger, email, text messaging, voice mail etc. Our ability to create ideal (but unreal) identities through these tools of technology makes us prefer impersonal interaction to one-on-one human interaction:

Media Personas

Neil Entwistle and Our Culture of Disinformation (February 2006)

Talks about the unprecedented media coverage of the Neil Entwistle murders. How news stories like this only exist for the purpose of boosting ratings and making money, but have no importance to them whatsoever. The culture consequently becomes flooded with irrelevant information:

Neil Entwistle and Our Culture of Disinformation

Myth-kind: Our 'culture of unreality' (October 2005)

A series of notes written in preparation for a new film project. They deal with what Ray Carney ( would refer to as our “culture of unreality”:


Hollywood 'Reelality' becoming Reality (September 2005)

A brief essay written in response to a Sixty Minutes segment. Talks about how reality is becoming a place where people can be labeled in Hollywood movie-like terminology (i.e. heros, villains) and how dangerous this is for the future of our culture:

Hollywood 'Reelality' becoming Reality

Our Precious Bodily Fluids (September 2005)

A response to America's refusal to accept help from Cuban doctors during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

Our Precious Bodily Fluids

Responses to the Katrina tragedy (September 2005)

Essays written in response to Hurricane Katrina in September 2005:

The Katrina Tragedy

Problems with Film Schools (September 2005)

An email written to Professor Ray Carney regarding problems with film schools, but also schools (colleges/universities) in general. The email was written in response to an interview Carney recently gave at the UCLA film school. In the interview, he basically argues that film school is a waste of time. To read this interview, go to

Problems with Film Schools

What is 'art'? (August 2005)

Begins to define art as "the act of expressing oneself freely," meaning that it is something much broader than just creating physical works:

What is 'art'?

The Spiritual Revolution (August 2005)

Excerpts from various essays that talk about the difference between spiritual and physical health (and which is worse), and also the difference between spiritual and financial poverty (and which is worse):

The Spiritual Revolution

Problems with Conventional Medicine (June 2005)

Two emails regarding the problems with conventional medicinal practices and institutions in America:

Problems with Conventional Medicine

Distortion of History (June 2005)

Another email written to Ray Carney after seeing the film "The Passion of Joan of Arc" by Carl Dreyer. It talks about the "filtration system," how people filter all their feelings and thoughts through a web of political correctness before they say anything in public. Reality - and, in the long run, history - become distorted:

Distortion of History

Human Remains (May 2005)

An email written to Ray Carney after seeing the short film by Jay Rosenblatt entitled "Human Remains." It talks about the "banality of evil":

Human Remains

The Problem with America (March 2005)

A diatribe written in early 2005. It talks about how making as much money as possible has become the end-goal for the majority of people in the nation - not because of greed - but because of a diseased capitalistic way of thinking that has become known within the mainstream as the "right" way of thinking:

The Problem with America

Commencement Speech (May 2004)

A Commencement Speech written for a contest at the BU College of Communication. It suggests, among other things, that what mainstream society perceives as "harmful" entertainment (movies like "The Matrix" or video games like "Grand Theft Auto," music by Marilyn Manson etc.) is really the most harmless while what mainstream society perceives as "harmless" entertainment (the evening news, PG-movies, prime-time sitcoms etc.) is really the most harmful:

Commencement Speech

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